Neesha Maharjan

Neesha is a hardworking and very efficient worker team as a ticketing officer. She has been serving in the agency since 2014. She checks all guest ticket needs and ensures as a front desk officer. Since then, all of the indoor activities, such as paperwork, documentation, and legal procedures, are handled by her. She manages the Himalayan Leaders official website. She is well-educated and highly qualified in the field of tourism. Having grown up in the Himalayas, she has an excellent knowledge of the country’s culture, religion, and traditions.

Regarding the team, Jagat B. Dahal is the founder and CEO of Himalayan Leaders. Peter Soons has worked as an office manager for the biggest Dutch tour operator. Dipendra Dahal is an Operation Manager, managing and arranging indoor and outdoor activities, the website, and official documents. Asmita Devkota handles clients’ queries and meets their trip requirements, customizing the itinerary as much as possible. She also manages social media posts, content creation, and website administration.

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