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Nepal gets more than 550 thousand tourists from all over the world every year. They went there to enjoy its beautiful nature and rich culture. Nepal’s beauty is enhanced by its long history of stories. It is also a reflection of the rich cultural history of the Nepalese people, who are very friendly, independent, and love peace. That’s why Nepal is one of the most exciting and real places to visit! Himalayan Leaders is the best travel agency in Nepal. Most importantly, it has a long history of expertise and experience in providing clients with the widest range of services. It also has the widest range of cultural tours, trekking, and mountain bike trips. The same goes for motorbike tours, canoeing, rafting, and climbing trips.

Himalayan Leaders is very active in its home country. It generates employment opportunities for the local people.  The Samundra Nepal foundation also works on social development. Also, we don’t just offer interesting trips; we also help people travel for volunteer work. There are plans for these activities in remote and new parts of Nepal. 

Himalayan Leaders is owned and run by local Nepalese people. In fact, the owner, Jagat Dahal, has been a guide for more than 25 years. At Himalayan Leaders, we take pride in making sure that all of our guides and Sherpas are safe and well paid. We know well about traveling and hiking in Nepal, Tibet, and India. Also, we make the right plans for your trip, putting an emphasis on price and quality. We can help you if you want a cheap tour, an expensive tour, a tour with a group, or a tour by yourself. 

In short, we are very proud to say that 90 percent of our business comes from clients who stay with us and tell their friends about us. HL cares about its customers and tries to be flexible. We invite you to test our claim! We are still one of the best in the business because we work hard and care about what our clients want. So if you go to Nepal, you should know that it’s very likely not the last time you’ll go there. 

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