Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

The following are some outlined terms and conditions of the contract you are requested to consider:

1. How to make your reservation and payment:

To reserve a tour of your interest that is to be organized by Himalayan Leaders (P)Ltd. You are kindly requested to complete the booking form designed on our website for your confirmed tour. The deposit to the bank should be made 15 days before you arrive in Nepal. And 30 days prior for India, Tibet, and Bhutan. After confirming your trip to India and Tibet from both sides, we request you send us an advance payment of at least 20% for Nepal and 30% for countries like India and Tibet based on the total invoice value. But concerning a country like Bhutan, as per the rules and regulations, the clients are urged to pay their total amount of the charge in advance at least 15 days before they arrive in Bhutan for the demanded tour.
Here is the address where you may deposit your funds in advance:

Name of Bank: Bank of Kathmandu Ltd.
Sift code no: BOKLNPKA
A/C No: 010100020234-840USD
Name of account holder: Himalayan Leaders Trek & Expedition (P) Ltd.
Address: Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal

2. Guarantors and Bankers:

Bank of Kathmandu Ltd. is our guarantor. This is the leading commercial bank in Nepal. It is the only bank that offers a security guarantee for the deposit/tour amount you have paid us for your tour.

Once your advance money is deposited in our bank, we assure you that we will issue and send you a copy of the receipt for the amount by email within 24 hours to prove to you that we have obtained your money paid for the tour. You can send the payment through a bank, credit card, or fax. Then, you must settle the remaining balance payment upon your arrival in Kathmandu or Delhi at our office or authorized agent. Your prices are accepted in Cash, Travel cheques, or Visa cards.

3. Your tour cancellation Terms and Conditions:

If you cancel your tour, we must deduct 20% for Nepal and 30% for Tibet, India. Your cancellation must be made 15 days before your tour begins. Then, cancellation requests are denied. Voluntarily canceling, abandoning, deviating from the fixed program, or canceling without notice will not result in reimbursement.

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