Our Company

Our Company

Legal Documents>> Read below to find out why our company Himalayan Leaders is good for trekkers, the environment, and employees alike!

Himalayan Leaders is an authorized company:

Himalayan Leaders (P) Ltd. is a well-established company in the tourism industry. It is a company that the government had registered. Also, it does all of its work based on the rules and policies of the government. The most important thing is that its main goal is to offer the best service in the wide range of the travel and tourism industry.

Himalayan Leaders is an expert tour operator:

Himalayan Leaders is different because it has a team of professional guides who are very knowledgeable and have a lot of experience. They have been working in tourism for more than ten years. So, it’s having a natural understanding of a country’s culture, religion, history, and geography. In the same way, this company has been successful because of its excellent leadership background.

Prompt response to your inquiries:

Himalayan Leaders has an office in Kathmandu that works very well. Here, we use a medium to handle client questions and reservations in a timely and professional way. That’s fine… You can contact me by phone, email, or even instant messenger if you want.

Respecting the environment at all times:

Himalayan Leaders are very aware of how important it is to keep our destinations’ natural beauty and culture. So that people in the future will also be able to enjoy the beauty of this fragile environment. That means we are committed to traveling in a way that is good for the environment and the communities we visit.

A pension fund for our guides and porters:

Himalayan Leaders has a full insurance policy for all of its guides and porters. If they get hurt or sick, this unique insurance will pay for their medical care. And helps the pension fund if a worker gets sick or hurt.

Supporting the local communities at all times:

Himalayan Leaders is working with other organizations to help poor communities in Nepal get a better education and health care. This makes it more likely that they will be able to support themselves financially in the future.
Himalayan Leaders work on projects at the national level, like giving dental care and putting on educational programs in schools. Himalayan Leaders has been working with a small school in the country, a green project in the Chitwan National Park, and an elephant project there since 2009.

Our equipment:

Professional staff and the right gear are needed for any trip. All of our equipment is in great shape and is well taken care of. We keep buying equipment for our staff and customers so that they can have a safe and fun time. As much as possible, we buy our gear from Nepalese stores to help our community.

Caring for and educating our employees:

Himalayan Leaders gives its employees fixed salaries every month. Freelancers also get a fair wage for their work. But what’s more important is that we train people all the time. Every worker has the chance to improve themselves through English, flowers, nature, history, and ongoing training as a mountain guide. The people who work for us are our most valuable assets.

Holding on to the good values of different cultures:

Western travelers find it interesting and enlightening to meet people from very different cultures. But at the same time, the more we interact with people from the West, the more our local customs start to look like those of the West. So, it’s important for people who come to visit to know how their trip might affect the area. And they need to know that poor people especially like to adopt as many Western values and ways of acting as they can. Our Nepalese guides like to tell you about local values and traditions so that you can learn more about their culture. For more inquiries, keep in touch with Himalayan leaders. 

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