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A sacred land of myths and mysteries, inhabited by the ever smiling and friendly people of Mongoloid origin, the Chinese Autonomous Region of Tibet still remains one of the most intriguing and remote parts of the world. Ever since the time of British Raj in India many foreign intrepid explorers time & again tried to unfold the inner fold of Tibet with their might & mettle, but for its most formidable Himalayan ranges and the remote topography, all were in vain. It was later that the land has been opened to one and all. Its eye ogling panorama, mind-boggling mysticism, timeless splendor and uniqueness in its traditions has earned Tibet the name Shangrila of the earth. Because of these enigmatic characteristics of Tibet, foreign missionaries, scholars, mystics, soldiers, and geographers for centuries had been trying to unravel the inner mysteries of this forbidden land A trip to Tibet is not for the ones who are timid or faint-hearted for the traveling can be hard and in harsh conditions, treacherous and unpredictable.

Due to Tibet’s high altitude travelers with a history of heart, lung or anemia should consult a doctor before stipulating about the travel Thus Tibet remains one of the most interesting, remote and undeveloped part of the world situated at an average elevation of 5,000 m (16,500 ft.) above sea level. Its limited facilities for tourists are only approaching a reasonable standard Visitors should also understand before taking this trip that Tibet was only opened to tourism only a decade ago or so. The infrastructure of the tourists’ industry is still basically in this remote country. As such please do not expect the standards you are accustomed to in the West. However, every effort will be made under the circumstances to ensure a smooth and pleasant trip. Look into our (very) special opportunities for an unforgettable trip to Tibet! You can easily combine a visit to Tibet with Nepal, so you will be sure of seeing the Himalayas on both magnificent sites. We have several fascinating itineraries for Tibet, to learn all about the culture, do adventurous trekkings or mountain/motor biking tours! We hope you get inspired by our propositions. And if you have special wishes, please let us now, we are specialized in arranging customized tours in Tibet.

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