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The Chinese Autonomous Region of Tibet is still one of the most mysterious and remote places in the world. It is a sacred land full of myths and mysteries. And its people are always happy and friendly. Since the time of the British Raj in India, many brave foreign explorers have tried again and again to get inside Tibet. However, the Himalayan ranges and the remote terrain have made this impossible. The land wasn’t open to everyone at first, but that changed over time.

Tibet has been called the Shangri-La of the earth. It is because of its breathtaking views, mind-boggling mysticism, timeless beauty, and unique traditions. Because of these mysterious things about Tibet, foreign missionaries, scholars, mystics, soldiers, and geographers have spent centuries trying to figure out what makes this forbidden land tick. A trip to Tibet is not for people who are afraid or weak. Because the travel can be hard, dangerous, and unpredictable in harsh conditions.


Due to Tibet’s high altitude, people who have had heart, lung, or anemia problems in the past; need to take a doctor’s advice before making plans to go there. So, Tibet is still one of the most interesting, remote, and undeveloped places on Earth. It is 5,000 m (16,500 ft) above sea level on average. It has few tourist facilities that don’t quite meet a reasonable standard. Before going on this trip, people should also know that Tibet only started letting tourists in about ten years ago.


In this faraway country, the infrastructure for the tourism industry is still mostly the same. So, don’t expect the same standards you use in the West. But, given the circumstances, every effort will be made to make sure the trip is smooth and pleasant. Check out our (very) special opportunities for a trip to Tibet that you will never forget! You can easily visit both Tibet and Nepal at the same time. This way, you can be sure to see the Himalayas at both of these wonderful places. We have a lot of interesting tours for Tibet, where you can learn about the culture, go trekking or mountain biking, and more. We hope that our suggestions will give you some ideas. And if you have any special requests, please let us know. We are experts at making tours in Tibet fit your needs.

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