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Eastern Himalayas
Bhutan is a small country with an area of 46,500 square kilometers. It is landlocked between China in the north and India in the south, east, and west. Therefore, its landscape is common in the Eastern Himalayas. In the south, it is only 150 meters above sea level, but in the north, it is more than 7,300 meters above sea level.
In addition, Bhutan has three different parts. Low foothills and dense tropical forests are typical of the southern zone. The average temperature in this area is 20 degrees Celsius, which makes it hot and humid. Moreover, in the lower valleys, the climate is semitropical. However, most of the area has an alpine climate with a monsoon. There are three parts to the central zone: Western Bhutan, Central Bhutan, and Eastern Bhutan. Part of the Great Himalayas, the northern zone goes from west to east between 6800 meters and 7400 meters.


Most people in Bhutan are Buddhist. So, they practice Buddhism all over the country. People who moved to the south of the country from Nepal mostly believe in and follow Hinduism. Bhutan’s main religion is Vajrayana Buddhism, which has a lot in common with Hinduism in terms of saints and gods.

Mahakala is another name for Yeshey Gonpo. He is the country’s main guardian. So, his Tantric Buddhist version of Shiva, who is a Hindu god, often looks like a raven. Before Buddhism came to Bhutan, there were many animistic religions like Bon. In some parts of the country, minority groups still practice these traditions and rituals.

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