Our Goal and Philosophy

Our philosophy ..to give our customers an experience that others don’t! Each trip is different, tailored with the use of the many experience we have, something you only find with Himalayan Leaders. We offer a broad range of short and long trips and above all, if the trip is not on our website, send us an email and we’ll sent you a offer you problably cannot refuse!

Not just for the customer, but with the customer
Really experiencing your trip plays an important role in our offers. Our Nepalese guides help you to immerse yourself in Nepal’s rich culture, history and language.

Authentic Local management Himalyan Leaders is always been run by Nepalese management with a total of 19 years of experience in tourism. We match our experience with the expectations of travel agencies and customers across Europe and elsewhere.

Flexibility comes first No discussions or dissapointments prior, during of after your trip. We can guarantee that Himalayan Leaders offer the kind of flexibility that is appreciated by lots of customers that went before you. We always adapt en try to find the best possible solution or alternative if the situation requires.
Create your own adventure: With Himalayan Leaders you have got all the possibilities to put together your own perfect trip. Let us assist you in planning your very own unique trip and guide you with transportation and accommodations

Fair prices Be carefully. Unfortunately there are many agencies and street brokers that offer similar trips for low prices, but you problably end up worse. With Himalayan Leaders you have assurance of an outstanding, well qualified vendor with lots of experience and even better: customer satisfaction over almost 20 years!

Social and sustainable environment
Himalayan Leaders is committed to minimize the effects from the tourist industry on the environment and culture. Furthermorewe we want to foster ECO travelling by all means. Our three main principles are:

Insurance policy: Himalayan Leaders have special insurance policy for all its closed-trekking, mountain
guides and porters. This social legislation is absent in most of the other other tourism agencies in Nepal, but Himalayan Leaders offer their employees a protection in case of injuries. All trips involve professional materials and experienced guides.Our guides are furthermore trained to preserve the value of nature and culture.

Pension funds: Himalayan Leaders is the ONLY company in the tourism sectors that supply a unique pension fund for its employees in Nepal. In Nepal there are in fact no pension facilities in any private companies and organizations other than the government employees involved in teaching and military personnel.

Social involvement of company: Himalayan Leaders is engaged in many social projects such as support of the porters families in education, health and economy; organize dental campaigns in the rural and remote areas and fostering people participating in eduactional programs which can give them several benefits to enhance their life standard.

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