Kathmandu to Salleri

Kathmandu to Salleri

One of the most common ways of visiting the Everest region is by flight from Kathmandu to Lukla. However, there is an alternative, which is the land route via Kathmandu to Salleri via Jeep. Jeep to Salleri from Kathmandu is one of the world’s world’s most thrilling and exciting appearances. This jeep tour will provide a different outlook on the different cultures of Nepal along with picturesque and beautiful landscapes.

Salleri Village For Everest Base Camp Trek
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If you travel via land then you will come across several things that you will miss if you are on a flight. You will meet up with several local vendors that are selling different types of local goods and products which you can consume or keep for you as a souvenir. The road is quite adventurous as you pass through winding curves and valleys among green lush forests, barren lands, and several remote settlements.

Considering a land journey to Salleri instead of flying to Lukla? This article’s for you!

Everest Base Camp Trek By Land From Kathmandu to Salleri

Kathmandu to Salleri Transportation is the perfect alternative road trip for Everest Base Camp Trek. It provides a completely different experience and adventure who want to experience and explore the beauty of the Khumbu region. For those seeking adventure and thrill but uninterested in taking a flight, this alternative road trip to the Everest base camp trek is suitable.

Many mountain ranges, valleys, and landscapes keep you company while moving from Kathmandu to Salleri via land. The journey is about 11 to 12 hours long compared to the flight which is just 45 minutes but it is worth it. You won’t have a chance to explore all the small villages, settlements, and remote locations you can’t during your flight journey.

When traveling from Kathmandu to Salleri, there are several transportation choices available, such as Private transport or public buses, and jeeps. Among these options, jeeps are generally regarded as the best mode of travel.

The road trip from Kathmandu to Salleri is not for the faint-hearted. Although in the highway section, the roads are pitched by coal in remote areas it is more gravelly and bumpy. There are several narrow paths, and wooden and suspension bridges which you’ll have to cross. So beware if your driver is overspeeding on these trails and remind them to be more careful. Still, you can take full advantage of the stunning scenery of river banks, wildlands, forests, and peaks of the mountain in the distance during your travel.

This is just the beginning of your adventure and thrill. Once you reach Salleri there are still plenty of things to explore from local villages, temples, monasteries, and even Salleri Base Camp. There are typically a few transportation options from Kathmandu to Salleri, including tourist buses, public buses, and jeeps. Among these, the jeep is considered the best option for travel.

Kathmandu to Salleri Transportation via Jeep With Cost

One of the best ways to reach Salleri from Kathmandu via land is by Jeep. This trip via Jeep will give you a mix of both cultural heritage and natural beauty that Nepal is known for. Also, this trip with Jeep will give you a stunning off-road adventure where you will be surrounded by majestic views of the Himalayas.

The jeep transport begins in the capital city of Nepal Kathmandu. At first, you will pass through bursting city areas where you will see different people heading or coming out of their offices and regular work. As you start moving forward you will leave city areas behind and start seeing villages in deep distance. The farmers are busy on their farms growing crops alongside their cattle. Nepal is still dependent significantly on agriculture so their jobs are by no means lower than regular office persons in Kathmandu.

As you start leaving valley areas and head into the mountains. The roads start to become more rugged and bumpy. Other vehicles have a higher chance of getting stuck or experiencing tire bursts, as they are not as robust as jeeps for navigating gravelly roads.

Now let’s take a look at the Jeep cost from Kathmandu to Salleri Transportation.

Private Jeep

A private jeep service from Kathmandu to Salleri offers much more comfort and flexibility.

While not exactly stopping wherever you want, shared jeeps traveling between Kathmandu and Salleri do make stops in various villages along the route, allowing you to get a glimpse into local life. A private jeep, which can hold seven to eight people, is perfect for groups of this size.

If you are hiring a private jeep then it will cost you approximately $300 to $400 for one way from Kathmandu to Salleri. The price for private jeep transportation may vary based on factors such as the type of jeep, availability, and any additional services offered.

If you’ve booked a private jeep, it will be waiting in front of your hotel gate for pickup, so you won’t need to travel to the designated pickup location.

Sharing Jeep

Another way of traveling to Salleri via Jeep is by sharing them with other people. Sharing a jeep with them is more advisable if you are short group with only two to four members. The freedom of transportation is limited when sharing your jeep with others.

During this trip, the jeep driver will stop at all the public and important stops. You will only be able to explore the important location of the region. You also must be in the place of departure just like others as it will not pick you up from the hotel gate. The cost of Kathmandu to Salleri via shared jeep is approximately $40 to $50 per person. There can be some changes in the cost rate per person based on unforeseen circumstances.

So if want to explore every different small area from Kathmandu to Salleri and have a large group of trekkers with you then booking a private jeep is the best idea.

Kathmandu to Ramechaap Jeep and Fly to Lukla

Another way of reaching Everest Base Camp if you don’t want to go to Salleri is to Ramechhap via Jeep. It only takes four to five hours from Kathmandu to Ramechhap via Jeep. Consider a private jeep if your group has 7-8 people. It costs around $180-$200 from Kathmandu to Ramechaap.

Now you have arrived at Namecheap, you have to take a flight to reach Lukla. You’ll head towards Ramechaap airport and board the flight to Lukla. The cost of this flight ranges from $170 to $180 per person. It normally takes  20 to 30 minutes from Ramechaap to Lukla via flight.

Things to Carry for Trekking

While traveling from Kathmandu to Salleri or Ramechhap via bus you might want to carry certain items. Some of the necessary items that you  can carry are  listed below:

Everest, Everest panorama trek
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  • Medicine and First Aid Kid
  • Chocolate and Snacks
  • Mask for Dust Prevention
  • Water bottle or Thermos for hot waters

These are necessary items that you can carry to enjoy your jeep trip from Kathmandu to Salleri or Ramechhap.


How long does it take from Kathmandu to Salleri by Jeep?

It averagely takes from 10 to 11 hours to reach Salleri by Kathmandu by Jeep. It can take more hours if you book a private jeep and explore all the villages during your trip.

What are the road conditions from Kathmandu to Salleri?

Kathmandu to Salleri road conditions depend on the seasons you are traveling. During the autumn season, the road conditions become dry and dusty. During the summer and Spring seasons, the conditions become a bit better. In monsoon season, it becomes more wet and slippery, so we recommend you don’t travel by road in this season.

Is Jeep safe to travel from Kathmandu to Salleri?

Yes, the jeep travel from Kathmandu to Salleri is safe and in proper condition. During monsoon season, there is a chance of accidents due to uncontrolled circumstances. But our drivers are professionals and have lots of years of experience. They also follow all the safety protocols; their priority is your safety. All our vehicles are also regularly checked and maintained.

What are the accommodation facilities for tourists in Salleri?

There are several accommodation facilities in Salleri. You can choose from decent hotels, budgeted lodges, or teahouses. The facilities will vary in cost. Since the place is very well recognized by trekkers and tourists around the world, we recommend you book your accommodation early, especially during the spring and autumn seasons.

Do we need a permit for the Kathmandu to Salleri Jeep ride?

No, you only need a ticket for the Jeep ride. However, if you plan to trek to Everest Base Camp, you need to issue a Khumbu Municipality permit and a Sagarmatha National Park permit.

Jagat Dahal

Jagat B. Dahal, founder and CEO of Himalayan Leaders, has over thirty years of experience in the tourism industry. Born in the Dolakha district, Jagat started as an assistant guide and now leads his own trekking company. Passionate about nature and adventure, he has guided treks in Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, and India. Jagat is dedicated to providing exceptional trekking experiences and fostering strong relationships with travelers. He also enjoys exploring foreign cultures, attending travel fairs, and has traveled to numerous countries worldwide.


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