Mountain biking in Nepal

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Expeditions on mountain bikes in Nepal and Tibet. Tilicho Lake, Annapurna, Mt. Kailash, and Kanchenjunga are just a few examples of mountain biking. Similarly, you can also do bicycling over the Friendship Highway from Kathmandu to Lhasa (Tibet). It is one of the world’s most exhilarating and adventurous riding trips.

Nepal seems to be too difficult for mountain biking. In other words, mountain bikers and ‘die-hard’ adventurers will love Nepal. As a result, Himalayan Leaders offers experienced technical guidance.

Expedition-style mountain biking!

Firstly, Himalayan Leaders introduce mountain biking to Nepal, Tibet, and India. HL works with the best mountain bikers in Nepal. Because of this, you will learn well, have fun, and gain experience.

If you don’t like our plans for biking, send us your own. In a few days, we’ll make a custom program with prices as high as the Himalayas.

Bike rent?
Secondly, yes, you can bring your own bike or rent a bike for the adventure trip. Therefore, Himalayan Leaders will help you get through Kathmandu’s customs and carry your bikes and bags while you’re on your trip.

We know what to pack for the Himalayas. So, we rent the nicest motorcycles. Similarly, we offer 15 genuine TREK mountain bikes (2008/2009) in various frames. And sizes equip completely  (in collaboration with TREK BIKES, USA).
6700 model Trek 2009
8000 model Trek 2009

Parts and transport?
Furthermore, Himalayan Leaders offers skilled guides, spare parts, baggage, camping gear, and food. So 1-6 people always have a guide. That is to say, more people equals more guidance. Porters carry components and baggage when roads end in rural regions or mountains.
For the popular ‘Friendship Highway’ Kathmandu – Lhasa riding tour, you fly to Lhasa and pedal back. Most importantly, experienced guides will advise you on the travel itinerary, traffic rules, and how to enjoy a 100% accident-free journey. No major incidents have been recorded since Himalayan Leaders launched these excursions nine years ago.

Accident coverage?
Moreover, Himalayan Leaders make sure that every bike tour is safe. So, our guests need to make sure they have the necessary travel insurance before they leave. Himalayan Leaders is connected to the Kathmandu International CEWEC Clinic. As such, we have direct access to the Medicare Centre, which is covered by most travel insurance policies.

Altitude Sickness

The Himalayas are unique. Therefore, long-term stays over 4,000 meters cause altitude sickness. Nausea, headache, breathlessness, and fatigue are common. As a result, we try to decrease altitude sickness dangers.

Himalayan Leaders’ itinerary help to reduce altitude sickness. Our professionals know the important indicators and will descend quickly. In remote regions, we always have helicopter rescues and medical admittance.

Tour/expedition lodging?
Himalayan Leaders has a large network of hotels. Basically, based on what the guest wants. They will choose the one with the best price and/or quality.

Teahouse: You can ride your bike on paths that are easy to find and stay in teahouses. Along the trek, there are tea houses that offer food and places to stay. There are clean beds, both hot and cold water, and simple meals.

We open-camp on paths that aren’t as clear. There are cooks, porters, sherpas, and guides on these trips. It’s the best way to enjoy the peace of nature. HimalayanLeaders sells well-known brands.

When to go?
February-May & September-December.
Year-round Rajasthan & South India
June-September Ladakh

Safety Information?
These things are dangerous. Our guides are well-trained in first aid and carry mountain safety shelters, walking ropes, cell phones, and satellite phones. So, in case of an emergency, we can always put our rescue plans into action. The leader’s job is to keep you safe, so pay attention and do what you will tell.

Trip Customization

Nepal Trekking

Looking for a tailor-made travel experience? At Himalayan Leaders since 1993, we have a wealth of experience in organizing customized tours to meet your unique needs and preferences.

We believe that our programs are just the beginning of what’s possible! We’re here to work with you to make your dream trip a reality. Simply send us an email with your personal desires and we’ll be glad to help you plan the perfect itinerary.

Don’t wait any longer to embark on the adventure of a lifetime with Himalayan Leaders!

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