When I, Valhoy arrived in Kathmandu to meet a friend for 10 days in Nepal with nothing planned during the monsoon season I was a bit apprehensive that I had just wasted my long-coveted vacation days; without the help of Jagat, it may have been true. After winding through Thamel streets my friend had a ‘feeling’ that we should go into Himalayan Leaders from a sign on the street. I am not as spiritually inclined as she, but in retrospect, I believe it was one of those ‘things happen for a reason’ moments.

We met Jagat and sat down for some chai tea while we spoke in generalizations about what sort of a trip we wanted to have. Jagat had planned out an itinerary in 20 minutes that fit all of our requests. And was tailored to what was best during the monsoons, which is further proof of his endless knowledge of the area.

The last test was to see if he could get us to Bhutan for a few days. Not only was Jagat able to arrange a private guide and driver, but was able to do it for hundreds of USD cheaper than any of the other places we had stopped in for a quote. We’d made our decision.

The review could stop here but unfortunately, I lost all of the paperwork we were given while on a bus to Pokhara with no wifi. As soon as we got to the hotel, late, and messaged for help, Jagat responded with all of our missing information and a few pleasantries about our trip so far.

Again, when in Sarenkot and getting ready to paraglide we were met with the confusion that was immediately dispelled by Jagat who called the company and straightened everything out (there was no problem in the first place).

If you book with Himalayan Leaders you are forgoing regret. Thank you, Jagat.


Trip Name: Bhutan: 4d Glimpse of Bhutan

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