Heavy, Very Demanding

A heavy or very demanding trek consists of the following:

  • Heavy trips are designed for those mountain hikers having prior experience.
  • Each day, you should walk for six to ten hours.
  • Elevations exceeding more than 1,200 meters.
  • Duration will take more than 20 days on the trail
  • Traveling across a pass that is higher than 5000 meters
  • Temperature below zero degrees at night
  • Accommodation in guesthouses or tents for the night, with bathrooms and showers located in separate buildings
  • Hikes with a daypack, our porters carry the main luggage.
  • Paths are challenging to navigate, especially when snow, rivers, or fords involve.

Trips like Upper Dolpo trekking, Kanchenjunga trekking, and Manaslu and Tsum valley trekking are heavy trekking. Likewise, Everest region trekking with the higher passes, Ganja La Pass trek, etc are also some examples of Heavy or very demanding trekking. These hiking locations see a small percentage of visitors each year. As a result, there will be fewer people and a greater emphasis on the natural environment. 

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