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Embark on unforgettable mountain biking expeditions in Nepal and Tibet, exploring awe-inspiring destinations like Tilicho Lake, Around Annapurna, Mt. Kailash, Kanchenjunga, and the exhilarating ride from Kathmandu to Lhasa (Tibet) via the renowned Friendship Highway. Discover some of the most thrilling and captivating biking experiences the world has to offer.

At first glance, Nepal’s extreme landscapes may seem unsuitable for mountain biking, but this country is a haven for adventure enthusiasts and intrepid explorers. With Himalayan Leaders, you can count on expert technical guidance and support throughout your journey.

Experience Mountain Biking in Expedition Style!

Himalayan Leaders takes pride in being a trailblazer for mountain biking in Nepal. Our team includes the top four mountain bikers in the country, ensuring your adventure is filled with expert guidance, enjoyment, and unforgettable experiences.

If our existing biking programs don’t align with your preferences, simply share your interests with us, and we’ll create a tailored program at no extra cost within a few days.

Bring Your Own Bike or Rent?

Bringing your own bike ensures familiarity and comfort during your adventurous trip. Himalayan Leaders will fully support you in clearing your bikes and luggage through customs in Kathmandu and transporting them throughout your journey.

Spare Parts and Transport Facilities: Himalayan Leaders’ Comprehensive Support

Himalayan Leaders provides full support through professional guides and includes essential spare parts, luggage, camping equipment, and food on all tours. These are transported by four-wheel drives, and each group of up to six is accompanied by an expert guide, with additional guides for larger groups. In remote areas or mountainous regions, we ensure an adequate number of porters to manage the parts and luggage.

The popular Kathmandu-Lhasa Friendship Highway biking trip involves flying from Kathmandu to Lhasa and biking back. Our experienced guides brief participants on trip schedules, traffic laws, and essential safety tips for an accident-free journey. We take pride in our nine-year record of zero serious accidents on these biking trips.

Accidents and Insurance

Himalayan Leaders prioritizes safety on every bike trip and strongly advises guests to arrange necessary travel insurance before departure. In case of accidents, our association with Kathmandu Int’l CEWEC Clinic grants us direct access to a Medicare Centre that is compliant with most travel insurance policies.

Altitude Sickness

The Himalayas pose unique challenges, with many experiencing minor altitude sickness symptoms above 4,000 meters. We strive to prevent or minimize the risks of severe altitude sickness. Our experts are trained to identify major symptoms and ensure swift action, such as descending to lower altitudes. In emergencies, we coordinate helicopter rescues and medical admissions.

Tour Accommodations

Accommodation options vary by tour. Himalayan Leaders offers a network of hotels to suit guest preferences, providing the best price and quality. Examples include teahouses, where locally-built tea houses provide clean beds, hot and cold water, and simple but tasty food; and camping trips, where participants are accompanied by a team of cooks, porters, sherpas, and guides, using top-quality equipment from branded companies.

Best Seasons for Trips

Nepal: February to May & September to December Tibet: March to October India: Royal Rajasthan & South India, all year long Ladakh: June to September

Safety Information

All our activities carry inherent risks. However, our guides have received first aid training and carry appropriate safety kits, including mountain safety shelters, walking ropes, mobile phones, and satellite phones. In emergencies, we are equipped to execute all necessary rescue plans. The leader’s primary role is to ensure your safety, while your responsibility is to listen and follow their guidance and instruction.



Mountain Biking

India: 14d Mountain Biking in India



Max. Altitude

5,360 m

From Delhi (India), we take the night bus to Manali. After that, we reach Manali the next day afternoon. There we can enjoy apple orchards,…

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Tso Moriri Lake, Motorbike

India: 16d Tso Moriri Lake Mountain biking



Max. Altitude

5,303 m

Tso Moriri Lake is the lake situated in Ladakh part of Jammu and Kashmir in North India. The lake lies at an altitude of 4822m,…

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