1. Why are there no prices on the Website?

Himalayan Leaders want to provide an honest price. Because there are so many parameters that will influence our price: some guests prefer 3* hotels while others prefer 5*. Some like to fly, some like to take the local bus. Showing all these different prices would take up more space than the actual trip…
A detailed list will be mailed on request.

2. Trip flexibility and local input from our guests?

With Himalayan Leaders, you have full control over your trip. It is no race to get from A to B but a beautiful experience. If you are tired, we adapt the pace. If you like the views, we stay longer! As long as everything fits in your time schedule and you don’t miss your flight home!

3. Minimum group size?

Well, that is the beauty of our philosophy: groups start from 1 guest! Yes, one! For every 6 guests, we provide a guide, because we strongly believe in chemistry between the guide and our guests.

4. Do I need to be a top athlete for trekking in Nepal?

If you want to climb Cho Oyu or Ama Dablam with us, an excellent condition is a must. For our trekkings, the better your condition, the more you can enjoy it. We have made a gradation from A (easy) over B (moderate) to C (strenuous) and
D (challenging).

Different aspects determine this grade :
Length of the trip, max. altitude, path conditions (rocky, snow, ice, …), your personal experience with trekking, climate, temperature, weather conditions, and your physical condition?…

5. Preparations? HELP!

We always ask our guests to answer a few questions so we can
provide a spotless service.
Material :
So you go climbing Mera Peak? Can I hire crampons in Kathmandu or do I have to buy them myself? What type of sleeping bag do I need? Our mountaineering guides will provide their extensive knowledge of all your questions.
Physical condition :
According to your fitness level, we can prepare different training programs to get you in shape.
Paperwork :
We handle ALL the paperwork, except your visa and insurance.

6. More questions?

Do you have more questions? Just ask! We are here to make your dream come true !!
For price & more information please sent us an email or contact us online with the special contact form

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